21 Tantra Yoga Kriyas For Beginners

21 Tantra Yoga Kriyas For Beginners – A Simplified Step By Step Guide To 21 Traditional Tantra Yoga Kriya Meditation Techniques To Unfold Spiritual Power, Better Health & Inner Peace Within Individuals


The author, Shiva Girish, himself is a renowned tantra yoga & meditation master who has been conducting classes, workshops and training in various parts of India and abroad for 7 years.

This book is for modern people, beginners, right through to yoga meditation teachers, energy healers, light workers and alternative therapists. Book serves as a manual to guide for them in their path of self-transformation in daily lives.

This book will teach you exactly:

  • How & why to Meditate?
  • How to Make your goal, intention, and objective clear what you want to achieve from meditation?
  • What Is Tantra Yoga Kriya?
  • Characteristics of Kriyas?
  • Difference Between Yoga Asanas & Tantra Yoga Kriyas?
  • Why Should We Do Kriyas?
  • Who Can Practice Kriyas?
  • Benefits Of Tantra Yoga Kriyas?
  • Understand How The Practice Of Tantra Yoga Kriyas Works?
  • What are benefits of tantra yoga kriyas for the body and mind?
  • How tantra yoga kriyas & healing works?
  • What are common obstacles to meditation and how you can overcome it?
  • How can you prepare yourself for meditation?
  • Learn and understand how can you to practice meditation in daily life?
  • How to Release repressed emotions & tensions from to allow prana to flow freely?
  • How to develop will power?
  • How to balance mind to create stillness, stability, and harmony between mind body actions?
  • How to open the Innocent mind to tap into childlike Innocence?
  • How to release tensions from facial muscles?
  • How to enhance the concentration, Memory and mental power of the mind?
  • What Is Prana (Breathe)?
  • What Is Ida and Pingala Nadi, Sushumna Nadi?
  • What are seven chakra and seven bodies?
  • Why should you understand and learn about chakra enery healing therapy?
  • How to find out which chakra in open or closed and how to heal chakras?
  • How to open the heart chakra and to connect with others by compassionate attitude, affection, unconditional Love.
  • How to practice simple common sitting Asanas? And much more.

Discover your answers inside the pages of this book.
Wake up your inner master a healer – Take Action Right Away – start to heal, cure and transform your life TODAY!

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